Solutions Engineer

Data Science | Cloud Infrastructure

Ian is an engineer with a background in data science and DevOps practices. He has experience working across multiple regulated industries implementing data and cloud solutions to improve workflows related to data science. Most recently his focus has been related to the use of Kubernetes clusters to support data science platforms. Outside of work, he is a certified freediver, loves to surf in the Northeast coast of Puerto Rico, and cook spicy food.


What I do

Data Science

Extract insights from data using novel methods. Experience working with data from multiple domains and with stakeholders of varying levels of technical knowledge.

Cloud Engineering

Deploy and maintain cloud native solutions. Experience migrating infrastructure to the cloud following Infrastructure as Code best practices.

R & Python Software Development

Develop R & Python packages, web applications, and pipelines following industry's best practices for testing, documentation and governance.

Automated Reporting Solutions

Build and architecture reporting solutions such as automatized PDF reports with daily data and dashboards that ingest data in real time.