Solutions Engineer

Data Science | Data Infrastructure | Education

Ian is a data person with a background in Data Science and DevOps. He has experience consulting within the pharmaceutical industry, government sector, NGOs and educational institutions in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Puerto Rico. As part of his academic background he holds a Master’s degree in Data Science from the University of British Columbia. Outside of work, he enjoys free diving in the Atlantic Ocean, exploring tropical rainforests in Puerto Rico and cooking spicy food.


What I do

Data Science

Extract insights from data using novel methods. Experience working with data from multiple domains and with stakeholders of varying levels of technical knowledge.

Data Science Education

Develop customized learning solutions. Experience teaching in private industries, bootcamps and universities to students of diverse academic backgrounds.

Statistical Analysis

Perform statistical inference to understand a business or scientific question. Collaborated with partners to understand their data with the goal of finding insights and comprehend relationships between variables.

Machine Learning

Apply supervised algorithms to classify different datasets and unsupervised algorithms to cluster groups in big datasets. Developed solutions with TensorFlow, Keras, and Tidymodels both in academic research and industry.

R Development

Develop R packages and Shiny web applications following industry's best practices. Data management and visualization of tabular, geo-spatial, image, and time series data.

Python Development

Develop Python packages and web applications following industry's best practices. Experience with data management and visualization of tabular, geo-spatial and image data.


Implement cloud solutions in cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Digital Ocean. Experience migrating on-premise infrastructure to the cloud following Infrastructure as Code best practices for reproducibility, security, and reliability

Automated Reporting Solutions

Build and architecture reporting solutions such as automatized PDF reports with daily data and dashboards that ingest new data hourly. Experience specifically with Shiny, React, Dash, Flask, and Express applied to pharmaceutical clients, governments agencies, and research projects.